Break Services

     A2Z services provides brake service maintenance service for all your break-related issues. We ensure safety for all our customers by understanding the signs that breaks need attention from us. If you feel that your vehicle breaks need attention from us, you can reach out to us anytime to fix the issues. We offer most reasonable price for excellent service for your brakes.

     A2Z provides excellent service to all types of car brakes and problems. With the help of our world-class equipment, we provide brake services quickly and at a low-cost. We cut costs not your safety!!

     How do we detect that the brakes need attention ?

  • The brake pedal presses far more than usual
  • The brake pedal appears spongy
  • The brake creates unusual sound while breaking
  • The driver experiences unusual vibrations while breaking
  • The steering wheel shakes
  • The car tyres wobble
  • The vehicle takes longer time to halt or to slowdown than usual after breaking
  • The brake pedal responds slowly and needs excessive pressure

     Our brake assessment is comprehensive and covers a 23-point assessment. This inspection includes but not limited to:

  • Brake function – we will measure the thickness of pads
  • Fluids – We will inspect the brake fluid levels and leaks
  • Rotors / drums – We will determine the right course of action (resurfacing or replacement)
  • Wheel cylinders - check wheel cylinders for function
  • Brake hardware – inspection of the wear and tear
  • Brake hoses – We will inspect the wearing out issues with the hoses

Break Services

Brake Pads

The European cars have a different braking system compared to the Asian and domestic manufacturers. The Asian car brakes come with ceramic brakes with adhesive style. The brake pad substance gets adhered to the rotor. Unlike the European brake pads, which are semi-metallic and the brake pad stops by rubbing against the rotor. We understand the technicalities and the differences in the braking pads and provide services accordingly..

Break Services

Brake Rotors

The brake rotors are available of different quality. The quality differences can be noticed with the weight and interior design. We understand the quality differences, and also the rotor joining area also can be of different shapes. A2Z provides brake rotors that exceed in quality.

Break Services

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads cause minor wear and tear to rotors. The ceramic pads can be protected with brake friction materials. We provide service to the customers by using suitable ceramics and friction materials.

Break Services

Brake Vapors

Vapor locks are a dangerous loss of braking efficiency. We help your braking system by providing the appropriate brake liquid test the fluid and then change the fluid.

Break Services

Brake Squeal

A brake squeal is a harmonic sound. We handle this problem by installing a good quality brake pad. We treat the surface of the brake pad with an anti-squeal.